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This book is for everyone!

History, culture, art, intrigue, inflation, Bitcoin, etc.

What is the focus of Volume 1?

The whole world and just about every subject that you can imagine.  Latest version now includes "short snorters" and several additional notes that feature Indians.

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Just Published in June 2018! 

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This book is for everyone!

History, inflation, legends, battles, Catholic history, WW I, anti-Semitism and the rise of Hitler.

What is the focus of Volume 2

The German Notgeld (Emergency Money), which shows how a culture reacted when Germans were losing everything.   There are "lessons to be learned" when one considers the staggering debt that most countries have.

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If you have purchased a book please write a review on Amazon and then I will copy it to the website.


Reviews from Museum and Stores

Daniel Cocks, Executive Director of Connellsville Canteen Museum

"Paper money from all around the world tells many fascinating stories and some currency even holds subliminal messages. Currency can range from anti-semitic, humor, liberation, emergency, travel and other forms of visual art that can take the bearer on a journey of adventure and or deceit enabling their imagination to wonder.

You don’t have to be a collector of Paper Money to appreciate all the hard work that has gone into these two volumes. The author Jeffrey Jerome Wing takes your mind on a trip of a life time exploring the worlds most fascinating art form in these two well written and illustrated volumes. A must for schools, travelers, collectors or just recreational reader."

Reviews (Magazines, Authors, Academics)

Numismatist April 2017 (Page 75) Review

Quote from Review: "Featuring common and obscure examples, this richly illustrated, easy-to-read book will appeal to collectors, as well as those who are interested in art, history and diverse cultures."

Jesse Goplen (Past professor at UCD and owner of www.notgeldmarket.com)

Paper Money Messages is a fascinating tour through the exciting history of paper money.  You'll be transported to the most interesting times and places and learn more than you ever thought you could from "mere" paper money.  Highly recommended for anyone who likes paper money- and hey, who doesn't? Read the book and you'll find out!

Tony Gibbs-Murray (Author of German Gems)

Although I have been collecting notgeld and other paper money for 40 years, the author’s perspective of the true value of money is an astonishing read. 

Amazon Reviews of Vol 1 (Perfect 5 Star Rating's)

Excellent Resource 2/6/19

I actually obtained the second volume first and was exceedingly pleased.  This lead me to the initial volume.  This volume does not disappoint.  If you are a currency collector or a student of history there is a wealth of information contained that will be of interest to you.  Every time you open the book you will learn fascinating information.  Well written and carefully organized.  Looking forward to the third volume.

Personally Know Jeff: Rex B. 7/5/18

I personally know Jeff and he is one guy that does his research. He has a passion for this and it shows in the first edition.  He is an engineer by trade and does his work by the book (no pun intended). If you have a heart for money and love the back-stories - add this one to your collection.

Blessings Jeff- I look forward to the next edition.

Very Interesting and Informative: DS. 6/30/18

A very interesting and informative study about paper money and it's uses over the years. I especially like that this book brings attention to "short snorters", which are a good and humbling reminder of those who served during World War II and made personal sacrifices for the freedoms that we now enjoy. Highly recommended!

History of World, not Just Money: J. 12/28/17

This is a very interesting approach to history. I enjoyed immensely.

Interesting Book: William Myers. 12/24/17

Interesting book about the history of some notes.

Interesting and full of information: 12/21/17

This well thought out and researched book is not just for collectors of paper money.  It is full of interesting facts and has an incredible amount of history from countries all over the world.  Who knew there were so many messages, both political and religious, on paper money?  It was quite an eye opener for me.

Interesting Historic Statistics: Clay P 12/18/17

Not only does Paper Money Messages have interesting facts on the history of money, great images of all the notes, but also interesting statistics throughout the book. The book is an easy read and a great gift for any history or world economics lover.

Excellent Book: AC 12/13/17

Excellent Book. Did not realize all the hidden messages behind the figures on paper money.

Five Stars: Randy H 12/11/17

I love this book. Very interesting perspective....a history lesson as told through paper money.

Fantastic! Jared Thaxton 12/9/17

Who knew there was so much history behind paper money? Very interesting and enjoyable read. The images are excellent. I highly recommend this book!

Great Gift For Dad: RJR 12/8/17

I bought this book for my dad and he has really enjoyed reading and learning about the background and history behind paper money. I highly recommend this book.

Propaganda: MG 12/8/17

This book takes a deep dive into not only history and currency, but the hidden meaning behind the propaganda that shaped our world. I am not a big history "buff" but this book is way more intriguing then any old history lesson. The pictures of the various notes from around the globe paired with the stories behind them truly make for an interesting unique experience with every flip of the page.

Fun Read and I Learned About History: ACP 12/6/17

This was an interesting and fun read. I enjoyed learning about the history behind the notes and can’t imagine the hours spent researching. The photographs are great. Looking forward to Volume 2.

Perfect Five Stars! JC 12/7/17

A great insight into history, politics and religion through the imagery of paper money.

Terrific Read: KC 12/6/17

No surprise that this is a terrific book to read! Lots and lots of interesting details about paper money from all around the world, and what the details hidden on the money actually mean. Very well researched. Once you start reading it, you can't put it down. Love the size of the pages so the pictures stand out.

Great Coffee Table Book: AyeCuh 12/3/17

Well researched and informative ... providing key facts left out of or incorrectly reported in textbooks. Very interesting compilation of data with supportive pictures. I haven't fully read the inflation section yet but did a quick skim of inflated economies with 1 Million currency bills and the direct correlation to debt. Interesting data driven historical perspective possibly applicable today.

What a rich collection! The book has a wonderful focus on the beauty of the currency with wonderful colorful blown-up zoom shots of the most interesting notes around the world, it is easy to flip through and engrossingly interesting to see world history play out on the currency of the day.

A Rich Collection: Jonster 11/28/17

The books also shows money's darker side. I was amazed to see depictions of Jews and how Germans thought of them and treated them on their currency during the weimar hyper-inflation leading up to Nazi rule, demonstrating the deep seated hatred that already existed.

I was also amazed to see slaves depicted on confederate money as they were the real drive of the economy and the prosperity of the rich.  I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and gained insight of periods of world history that are seldom explored. I hope you can as well!

Images are Beautiful and Intriguing: Debbi B 2/14/17

This book is fascinating! The images are beautiful and intriguing, and the text is really interesting. I'm not a money collector, but I was drawn in by the stories behind the money. There is drama in these stories. And even humor! The breadth and depth of knowledge about history through the lens of money is deep and enjoyable to read. That is quite a combination!

Who Knew Money Could be so Fascinating: Holimont 2/9/17

What a unique history book! Each banknote has a story and this is a very entertaining collection of stories.

Learned a Lot and Loved the Pictures: VC 2/8/17

Didn't know anything about the history of money and how political it had been for years. Learned so much reading this book and loved the pictures. It makes a great gift.

Amazon Reviews of Vol 2 (Notgeld)

Tony 6/2018 (5 Stars)

 This 2nd volume in the ‘Paper Money Messages’ series by Jeff Wing, specialises in German notgeld (emergency money issues). There is a whole story to be told about notgeld and Jeff has really done an excellent job here. The imagery on the depicted notgeld issues are superb and illustrate the different and varied points being made throughout the publication. The many different topics and themes depicted on the notgeld are discussed with great enthusiasm and research has obviously been actioned with great diligence.

The author obviously has a real passion for banknotes and notgeld issues and that oozes from the narrative. The hidden messages of the graphics and texts are explored in great detail and the reader is slowly drawn into an historical web of feelings, beliefs and out-cryings. This is a ‘must-buy’ for any passionate banknote and notgeld collector. Superb in presentation and depictions, you will not be disappointed. You will learn a lot from this book and the notgeld will become even more interesting as a result. 

Buy this book. You won't be sorry. July 21, 2018 Ivo Steijn (5 Stars)

This is a lavishly-produced and intelligent review of the subjects and symbolism found on German "Notgeld" banknotes of the hyperinflation period. Given that the catalog of such notes runs to many volumes, a book like this can really only show a sample and point the way, but the book does so very, very well. There are so many hidden messages, jokes and complaints in these notes that you can study them for decades and still find surprises.

Printed on high-quality paper and in full color throughout, this is a book you don't just park on your coffee table, you read and reread it over and over again. A great addition to your "Notgeld" library and an essential book if you are interested in what the German national mood really was while their currency's value evaporated. Highly recommended!

Great Reading/Very Interesting K.T. Oct 18, 2018

Best paper money book out there! Very interesting history, great pictures, great reading, very well done!

Great read! Incredible Information source. December 12, 2018. Al. H (5 Stars)

This book is a treat to read. Amazing stories and detailed information on German notgeld paper money. Explores many of the ways to collect these fascinating pieces of history. Well organized with superb Illustrations.  An essential reference for any world paper money collector.

eBay reviews of Vol 1 and 2 in the last year

Vol -1

Fantastic Book...Would buy again


Super book


Great Book


Really Good Gook. Great Seller. Thanks for making me a millionaire.


Would purchase again


Great item...5 stars


As Described...GREAT BOOK, I highly recommend it.


Beautiful book and very well done.


Outstanding product...5 Star


Great item