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Paper Money Messages-Volume 3 (Christianity)




Latest Review for Vol 1 and 2

Review from Daniel Cocks, Connellsville Canteen Museum in Pennslvania.


"Paper money from all around the world tells many fascinating stories and some currency even holds subliminal messages. Currency can range from anti-semitic, humor, liberation, emergency, travel and other forms of visual art that can take the bearer on a journey of adventure and or deceit enabling their imagination to wonder.

You don’t have to be a collector of Paper Money to appreciate all the hard work that has gone into these two volumes. The author Jeffrey Jerome Wing takes your mind on a trip of a life time exploring the worlds most fascinating art form in these two well written and illustrated volumes. A must for schools, travelers, collectors or just recreational reader."

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Many Symbols have been on Paper Money for over a century

The importance of the Constitution

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Hidden Messages in Chinese Paper Money to Bring Hope

Learn about history in a new way.