Support of TranformAsia in Cambodia


100% of profits from the sale of Paper Money Messages in December will be donated to TransformAsia

Why Water and Sanitation Improvements in Cambodia?

The majority of those that live in rural Cambodia have NO sanitation facilities of any type.  Water contamination and poor sanitation results in widespread health issues.  By partering with a local contractor we built the first biogester in Anglong Veng. A biodigester treats animal and human waste and produces free gas for cooking and lighting.  The biodigester also produces high quality  fertilizer.   A biodigester also decreases the need for deforestation.

In early 2018 we also built a large scale biosand filter for water quality treatment for an orphanage  (see below photos).

Excerpt from TransformAsia December Newsletter

Jeff Wing (a professional engineer) and his family have volunteered with TransformAsia since 2002 to improve the water and waste water systems at many of TransformAsia's facilities.   He has also traveled extensively throughout the world. During the last 3 years he has been working on his book Paper Money Messages. This book has a significant section, which explores part of Cambodia's history by observing paper money both before and after the Pol Pot era when local currency was outlawed.  Paper Money Messages also explores currency in several countries that show some very harsh history such as slavery, poverty, and anti-Semitism. The hope of Christianity is needed throughout the world.

Jeff and team are currently working on several water, waste water, and sanitation projects for TransformAsia, mainly at the David Center. He has decided to donate 100% of royalties from sales of Paper Money Messages in December to support this project. If you're interested in supporting Jeff's work and TransformAsia sites, you can purchase the book from Amazon for $49.99; the book measures 8 (1/2)" x 11" and is 236 very colorful pages.