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Help People Learn about History and Cultures.

Home School (Under Construction)

Shared ideas about the use of Paper Money Messages as a textbook to learn about culture and history.   For those that are interested please visit Facebook  papermoneymessages and leave a comment.


Youtube Video from TMM about Notgeld

Paper Money Messages Inspires Children's Project in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

St. Antony Cathedral Church in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates called for an event called "Church Got Talent."  Andrew & Natalie saw the book cover of Paper Money Messages Vol-3 (Christianity), got inspired and decide to make a youtube video's about Christian notes.  These videos are by Teenz Money Mania (TMM).  As stated in Paper Money Messages the study of Paper Money is a great way to learn about history.

Click the below link watch a 5 minute video about the Oerammergau German Notgeld that is about the Black Plaque and the Passion Play.  The current Coronavirus Pandemic inspired this video. This note and event is also discussed in Paper Money Messages Vol 3 (Christianity) on page 134.

Another video from TMM

Additional Information

Click to the right to see the first video. The majority of these notes are shown in Paper Money Messages-Vol 2 (Christianity).   This video includes both banknotes from around the world and German notgeld.

Learn More

This is a 10 minute video that covers many subjects such a Bible Characters, Churches, Saints, and other Christian themes.


Numismatic Bibliomania Sociiety (NBS)


An educational association founded in 1979 to support and promote the use and collection of numismatic literature.

Articles about/from Paper Money Messages is shown below:

Volume 21, Number 45, 11/11/18 "What is a "Short Snorter."

Volume 21, Number 4, 11/4/18 "New Book: Paper Money Messages Volume 2"

Sometimes the Package is better than the note!


A big box for one note.


Lots of stamps!


More stamps!


A Partner of PMM

FJH Coins and Stuff sell a wide assortment of items, which includes coins, world currency, and even. notgeld.

Connellsville Canteen Musem


Location of Museum

Fayette County Cultural Trust

139 West Crawford Avenue

Connellsville, Pennsylvania 15425 

Purpose of Museum

The Connellsville Canteen Museum was formed to keep the history of Fayette County resident's alive, and showcase their sacrifices and contributions that played an essential part during WWII. Through this museum, we tell the story of why it was fought, how it was won, and what it means today- so that all generations, whether they are from Fayette Conuty or not, will understand the price of freedom and be inspired by what they learn.  The Connellsville Canteen is a place where you come to learn with your heart as well as your head. This is a place where you can feel America's greatness through the stories and memorabilia of Fayette County's finest resident's whether they went off to war, or stayed behind contributing to the war effort.


Paper Money Messages appreciates the opportunity to partner with the Connellsville Canteen.   A key goal of Paper Money Messages is showcasing world history so that people better understand the world.


Offers a wide variety of moderately priced historic and unusual world coins and paper money, including World War I and World War II issues, recent issues, historic issues, micro-nations and bi-metallic coins.   Emphasis is on the history, economics or current events behind the coins or banknotes. They have sold coins by mail since 1970 and have had a website since 1996. Catalogs are free upon request.

Joel Anderson's Book Description and Review


Royalities from Book

100% of the royalities from the sale of Paper Money Messages during the 2017 Christmas season helped to finance the Bio Sandfilter in Cambodia at a TransformAsia orphanage that houses approximately 80 children.  

There are future project that will be funded.

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If you are an exhibiter at a show and would like to sell "Paper Money Messages" for a profit, contact us. This is a good way to bring awareness to paper money while making a profit.

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Brick and Motar Store

Do you have a store where you sell currency and other collectibles? Contact me if you would like to sell copies of the book at your store for profit and to bring awareness to the joy of collecting paper money.

Facebook Discussions

Should the Ugly Past on Paper Money be Shown and Discussed

It is understood that Paper Money show some harsh history and difficult subjects.  The consenses of the group is that it is beneficial for people to know about history---Even if it is ugly! However, the next step is for people to get involved to help others.

DLW (12/6/17)  If you erase the visible historical evidence of the past from visual memory, you allow the victors to rewrite history as they so choose. And so you allow history to continually be repeated, to the benefit of the victors. These "paper money messages" are the embodiment of Free Speech, and must be protected under our Constitutional and common law rights to Free Speech.

CO (12/7/17) Images of TRUTH from the past or present only makes the sleeping sheep and oppressors uncomfortable.....can't forget or move on from what is STILL happening today!  Maybe updated recent images of the LYNCHINGS, MURDERS, ENSLAVEMENT,  KIDNAPPINGS, RAPES or UNJUST IMPRISONMENT of our people would be better to see.  While the "don't want to see" want us to.....move on.

RS (12/5/17)  History should offend, then perhaps it will not be repeated.

GF (12/2/17) Revisionist history is a seriously damaging influence in any culture . Revisionists teach the future to commit the crimes of the past .

DK (11/29/17) Old Saying: The Truth will Free YOU" Good, Bad & Ugly. We ALL Must Know the TRUTH.

CN (11/28/17) I agree 100% that understanding history in context is crucial to the betterment of mankind.

CB (11/27/17)  You can't have only good history or it's not a complete story. However, and I know this from experience, if you talk about history as a whole you will be considered non patriotic and called names, lol.

WM (11/27/17) REALITY has a way of awakening the slow mind.

SS (11/27/17) If we sugar coat history then we're doing a disservice to future generations.

WM (11/26/17) Knowledge of history is key to the future.  Recall the old truism:  'He who ignores the failures from history is doomed to repeat them.

Other Topics Discussed on Facebook

"In God We Trust"

Bitcoin / Inflation

Bitcoin / Inflation

Conversations about inflation and bitcoin.  As of Nov 2017 the 1000% one year return on bitcoin is staggering!

Bitcoin / Inflation

Bitcoin / Inflation

Bitcoin / Inflation

There are similaries between hyper- inflation and and bitcoin. As of Nov 2017 the 1000% one year return on bitcoin is staggering!


Bitcoin / Inflation

Native American History

Paper money shows some harsh history of treatment of the Jews.  The posts on Facebook shows that there are strong opinions about the term "Anti-Semitism" and what is a Jew.  Paper Money Messages uses the term as those in Germany that discriminated against the Jewish people in Germany.

Native American History

Confederate and World Notes that show Slaves.

Native American History

Paper money discusses the harsh history of the treatment of Native Americans.  However, some notes seem to honor some of the Native Americans. 

Confederate and World Notes that show Slaves.

Confederate and World Notes that show Slaves.

Confederate and World Notes that show Slaves.

Most people will be surprised to know that confederate notes show slaves on them.  Many other countries have also shown slaves on their paper money.

Military / Wars

Confederate and World Notes that show Slaves.

Confederate and World Notes that show Slaves.

Paper money is a good way to learn about history in a new and fascinating way. Discussions about Military Payment Certificates, Allied Military Currency, Japanese Invasion Currency, Propaganda Money, etc.

In God We Trust

Should US Paper Money State "In God We Trust"

Over a dozen people said that this phrase should remain.

"Don't think people notice."

"Stop messing with money & leave In God We Trust"

"The majority of the US doesn't' give a Royal flip about God..."

"Should stay the way it is"

What is meant by God?

From RV (12/11/17): The “in god we trust” on The dollar bill is not the “GOD” of the Holy Bible.... the reverse side of the one dollar bill is full of Masonic symbols such as the “seeing eye of Horus above a truncated pyramid” and a hidden tiny bohemian owl on the front.

Some View Money as God

WB (12/13/17): This is a capitalistic country, to whites and people in position of power it's God, and to most blacks it's a ghost, because the minute they think they see it, it disappears. Money has replaced some of the very virtues that make people somewhat decent human being, morals, values, honesty and integrity are sold and totally disregarded for the right price, and prominent professional men have use their power and position to practice perversion and has produced ah President in whom they can admire, and as for blacks, who are the consumers of everything and the producers of very little, the minute they think they have money it's soon spent on something materialistic to make them feel ah sense of accomplishment or ah sense of worth, money is not really evil, it's the pursuit of it and the depths some will go to get it.

People place faith in money and not in God, and money is God to many.

Military / Wars

Millitary Payment Certificates

RT (12/1/17) MPC was a joke. Many didn't know the collected MPC just went somewhere else like Japan, Korea, Philippines, etc, it was circulated throughout the Orient. The real reason was to curtail illegal money laundering in green backs which was rampant. Use to disgust me when the Vietnamese was paid in MPC only to have it void and obsolete. Told many to hold on to it in a year or so may come back. Paid them in Vietnamese currency, some object then came conversion.

MPC was for use by military and US civilian personnel only for monetary transactions in Vietnam. There existed a black market for greenbacks  (US currency). Soldiers would pay their barrack maids and it was used in illicit activities. Most black market transactions were done in Vietnamese currency. Five individuals were caught in a scheme where they converted  $86 million from MPC to greenbacks, sold the greenbacks, and repaid the $86 million. Only got caught because one of them couldn't keep their mouth shut.

A book could be written on the black market. It was everywhere Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Germany, etc. Basically, it consisted of an individual buying products from the military exchange and commissary and selling on the local market for exchange of local currency. There was no specific black market for MPC. One example, you could purchase  $300.00 commissary items and make a  $150.00 to  $200.00 profit. You could purchase 10 cartons of cigarettes and triple your profit.  It was also influence by the dollar value. For example, if the German mark drop in value, it effected the profit margin. We had many dealing in money manipulation by buying currency at a lower rate in one country such as Korea and selling at a higher rate in Japan. Needless to say the Criminal Investigation Division of all military services were kept busy investigating illegal operations. This doesn't even scratch the surface.

Native American History

Trail of Tears

JF (11/28/17) We just got to get the word out about Native history and I think "Paper Money Messages" is taking the step in the right direction!  It wasn't until recently that I started to realize the extent of what is not taught in US history. The Trail of Tears is explained in a paragraph where they mention something about blankets. As an American Indian, Native American, Indigenous American, or a litany of other names that I am all cool with...heck even "Redskin". That doesn't really bother me because I do not know why Redskin isn't any different than calling someone white or black. That wasn't captured in the paragraph and I personally think my skin sortah looks reddish so yup Im a proud Redskin. Might be different if I, or America, knew the historical context of the word.  As a combat veteran I was saddened to recently see prestigious veteran elders, who defined hero by saving countless American lives if not arguably winning the war, receive their rewards in front of Andrew Jackson's picture.  That dude hated him a Red-skin and the fact that White House Staff didn't notice, didn't care, or maybe even did it on purpose to insult Pocahontas, is belittled by the fact that most Americans didn't see much of an issue with it - if it was noticed at all.

TD (12/6/17) Many systemaically omit many people's real histories in America.